Waterfront House in Empire Bay

On the relatively narrow site creating separate pavilions for the living areas grouped around a central pool and entertaining area allowed both dwellings to take maximum advantage of the water views.   This approach also provided privacy to the outdoor areas of each dwelling as well as shelter to the pool area from winds that can get quite intense at times.  The lap pool is pushed against the side wall of the granny flat, visually integrating the separate elements into a cohesive whole and creating more usable space on the deck.  Lightweight cladding, raked ceilings and skillion roofs give the building an informal appearance from the water whilst the street façade presents a more contemporary and solid impression.  There was little opportunity to incorporate thermal mass into the building but the well shaded windows arranged catch the costal breezes and with maximum insulation the home is comfortable all year.

Living Room

This contemporary interior overlooks the pool and is flooded with light from the north facing clearstory windows.

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