Dual Occupancies

Whether If it’s for resale or an investment Michael understands the needs of developers having personally designed and built two dual occupancies.  Designing a Dual occupancy can present a unique set of challenges particularly with difficult sites however Michael is experienced in achieving the best possible outcome no matter what the situation.

Two Homes on a Corner Block

This traditionally styled detached dual occupancy is typical of many Lever Designs have done in the Wyong area.  Of conventional brick veneer and tile construction the homes are in keeping with the neighbourhood and economical to construct.

This large attached Dual occupancy is currently under construction.  The site is a bush fire affected sloping battle axe block and presented a range of challenges.  Built over multiple levels each home now has a spacious rear garden and valley views without losing privacy.  Visual interest is created and by the use of weatherboard cladding contrasting with the brickwork.

This attached Dual Occupancy is also currently under construction in Erina.  Again on a steeply slopping block the solution was to design the home over multiple levels to reduce both cost and unnecessary excavation.   The living areas open onto large rear patios giving each home views over the surrounding area.   The complex almost mirror image design is also enhanced by the use of a variety of lightweight cladding materials. 

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