Sustainable Designs

What is sustainable design and why is it important.   For some it’s about saving the planet, for others just saving money. 

All of our designs are as sustainable as possible, but for some it’s more important.  Simple things like maximising northern sunlight and providing the right amount of shade and cross ventilation help but there is much more to consider.  Thermal mass, insulation, waste reduction, healthy and safe materials may not cost more to build but can make a home far more comfortable to live in and save money in the long term.  

Until recently Michael was a member of the Association of Building Sustainable Assessors (ABSA) and qualified to do thermal assessments and energy Star Ratings using sophisticated software.  Although no longer practicing in this field he still maintains the skills developed as an assessor and has an in depth knowledge of how best to apply the principles of sustainable design to create a comfortable and affordable home.

Have a look at some of our projects that feature a range of sustainable ideas.













Reborn Fibro Cottage

My own house for 15 years this simple fibro cottage underwent a total transformation to create a modern sustainable home whilst still retaining the charm of yesteryear

Energy efficient Blue Mountains Cottage

This traditional styled mountain cottage is a typical passive solar design with large north facing as well as enjoying Hydronic under floor heating.

Rural Retreat

With an uncompromising passive solar design the home is totally self sufficient in energy and water.   Although strikingly modern the design echoes the tin sheds of a bygone era.


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