Just move it!

Sorry, it’s just a trick of the photo. And I can’t leap tall building either. 

But seriously there is no need to move this home as it is perfectly positioned on its rural acreage. With an uncompromising passive solar design the home is total self-sufficient in energy and water.     Although strikingly modern the design echoes the tin sheds of a bygone era.

South Side

Nestled down to avoid the harsh southerly winds this home is designed to withstand the harshest snowfalls  in winter.  The simple shape also helps to protect from dangerous bush fire attack.    Set on a large acreage in Oberon it needs to be totally self-sufficient with a slow combustion heater to supplement the passive solar design. 

North Side

On the left the photovoltaic solar panels track the sun producing electricity that is stored in batteries in a custom made room until needed.  Evacuated tube solar hot water panels line the eaves over the bedroom wing and combined with the wood burning stove heat all the hot water.

Built to Expand

The home has been designed to grow to meet the needs of an extended family. At some time in the future the second stage can be built.   This second wing is separated from stage one by the entry and includes a double height family room with a gallery style library for those long winter nights.

Hugging the ground the home follows the contours of the land and  bends gently like a boomerang.  The shape helps to deflect the harsh winter winds and creates a series of sheltered courtyards.  The main rooms all face the north or slightly north east to capture the view and the winter sunlight.

This small home feel surprisingly spacious inside due to the raked ceilings and large windows which open the living room to the countryside.

A classic example of passive solar design,  sunlight streams into the living room in winter through the large glazed doors and highlight windows onto the concrete slab that provides thermal mass to store the heat all day  releasing it gently at night.  An open beamed pergola is planted with deciduous vines to provide shade in the height of summer. 

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